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Gold Teeth are removable gold caps that clip onto your teeth.They are called by several different names such as Gold Grills, Grill Fronts,Gold Caps, Grillz, Goldz, etc.  These removable Gold Teeth are consideredto be jewelry, or "teeth rings". They are not dental appliancesalthough they look just like dental gold crowns.

K standsfor karat and refers to the percentage of gold in an alloy.To illustrate: 24K gold is 100% pure, 18K contains 75% gold and25% alloyed metals, and 14K is 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals and10k is 41% gold and 59% alloyed metals.

10k will be the strongestgold, harder to bend, but will tarnish the fastest because it has least amountof gold.  22k will tarnish the least butis soft because it's almost pure gold. This is best for permanent teeth. 

We do not recommend eating, sleeping or smoking in your grillz.

In order to make a set of Gold Teeth, you must take impressionsof your teeth and send it to us. You can go to any local dentist's office totake the teeth impression, or you can purchase our Mould Kit if you want to doit yourself. The Kit contains all the materials along with easy to followinstructions.  Gold Teeth will be made tofit the mould so please ensure you take your time with this process.

Yes, we do. We use materials of the highest quality. We havebeen working with our clients to design and craft unique customizedpieces for almost 10 years.

Find out more about custom made jewelry at Popular.

Yes!  We ship worldwide and have made grillz for customersin every continent.  Please contact us before you make your purchase so wecan work out the details for the process for international orders.  We recommend international customers get aprofessional mould of your team by your local dentist office.

Yes!  We ship world wide and have made grillz for customers in every continent.  Please contact us before you make your purchase so we can work out the details for the process for international orders.

Yes, you can, we make unique grillz everyday.  Please email us an idea and we will contact you back with pricing.

Brush the inside of the grill with a softbristle toothbrush and warm water

Use one of Grillz Godz professional jewelrycloths to gently polish the outside to keep your grillz shiny. 

Yes,we do.  All of ourproducts will test out for the K of gold or quality of diamonds you purchase.

Yes, we offer theseproducts.  Please contact us at813.508.3136

Yes we do, please contact us directly at813.508.3136 for the expedited turnaround time and expedited service fee.