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Diamond Grillz, Price is per tooth. Available in 10K, 14K, 18K, & 22K

Diamond Grillz, Price is per tooth. Available in 10K, 14K, 18K, & 22K

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10K, 14K, 18K, & 22K Diamond Grillz 

When it comes to such special occasions that you want to look absolutely dazzling in a crowd, why not make your teeth actually sparkle? Our diamond grillz are sure to draw the attention of everyone when you wear them after your special occasion. 

A diamond grillz is a must-have component of contemporary hip-hop jewelry. The best way to stand out is to give your mouth a little bling and shine. In Grillz Godz Diamond Grillz are available in 10k, 14k, 18k and 22K I/SI/VS/VVS diamonds. These aren't lab-created imitation diamonds; instead, they are actual diamonds that have grown naturally underground over billions of years under extreme heat and pressure. Because of the natural formation process and labor-intensive ground excavation required to obtain these stones, they are rarer and more expensive than lab-created diamonds.Many celebrities love to wear diamond grillz to make their smile sparkle. So, if you want to sparkle your teeth like celebrities, our high quality diamond grillz are the way to go. 

Product Specifications

  • Grillz Material: 10k Diamond Grillz, 14k Diamond Grillz, 18k Diamond Grillz, 22k Diamond Grillz.
  • Grillz Material Type: I Diamonds, SI Diamonds, VS Diamonds, VVS Diamonds
  • Size: Custom

Charges For Additional Services & Free

  • Diamonds Option: SI Diamond and VS Diamond (Need extra charge)
  • Chipped or missing teeth require extra work, so there is an additional charge.  If we receive your mold and determine a tooth is missing or chipped, we will contact you to discuss the additional cost.
  • Grillz with free mold kits.

Why Choose Grillz Godz

Grillz are made to fit the mold provided by the customer, Because of this, there is very little possibility that it won't fit. For a realistic hip-hop grillz look, our gold deep-cut Grillz have been encrusted with a few multi colored diamonds. 

Check out our Instagram account @GrillzGodz to see more pictures

If you are an international customer, please contact or call (813) 508-3136.

Refund / Return Policy

This is a custom order so all sales are final.  Grillz are made to fit the mold provided by the customer so please be sure to send a  recent mold of you teeth.

Our Disclaimer

1. Your custom molded and created dental jewelry is intended for use only by the customer whose dental impression was made and is not intended for use by any other person.

2. Although your dental jewelry has been custom fitted, it should be removed before eating, drinking, sleeping, and smoking.

3. This product is only for temporary use; wear and remove as if it were most any piece of casual jewelry.

4. This product is not intended to be a substitute for dental prosthetics, which might be recommended by your dentist as for dental care and maintenance. Your custom molded and created dental jewelry is intended for use only by customer whose dental impression was made and is not intended for use by any other person.

5. Properly clean your dental jewelry before and after each use.

6. Prolonged use is not recommended as it could lead to gum disease, plaque build-up, or other serious conditions in the mouth.

7. Should you experience gum irritation with the use of the product, discontinue use and seek the advice of a dental professional.

8. Because our caps are customized, they are absolutely no refunds, If for some reason your caps do not fit properly within 30 days of pickup, we will gladly adjust/repair them for free or will charge depending on how badly the damage it is. Make sure you keep your teeth molding!

9. If you not yet picked up your caps, please note that it will be discarded within (15) days.

10. I agree that the taking of impression of my tooth or teeth was done solely by my either directly or indirectly; Grillz Godz or Skin Me Mobile took no part in taking the impression of my teeth.

11. I have read the disclaimer above, and agree not to hold Any Grillz Godz or Skin Me Mobile employee liable for and that may result from use of the product; I also understand that there are no refunds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I am completely satisfied with their service. These diamond grillz fit my teeth very well. And the quality is so good that I would not believe it if I did not get it. I got so many compliments from everyone after wearing this grillz. Thank you grillz godz.

Josh bebez

It is a great pleasure to work with Grillz Molding and they do excellent work

Ali Reza
Product and Service Review

There is no better quality online than Grillz Godz's products. Their service quality is also the best in the market. Their Grillz fit my mouth well and their material quality is outstanding. We all should

matth h
Diamond grillz

there service very helpful

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Diamond grillz are currently one of the most popular jewelry trends in hip-hop. Adding sparkle and shine to your mouth is a great way to catch the attention of others. In a crowd, a grillz can help you stand out and be remembered for your