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14K Custom Gold Teeth 6 Top Or 6 Bottom

Implant solid 14K Custom Gold Teeth 6 Top or 6 Bottom, it will give you a new look. By implanting Gold Grillz, you can replace your missing real teeth. It is simple to put on and remove the Grillz. You can order custom. We offer three color gold teeth like White, Yellow and Rose. 14K Gold Grillz is the best within budget and 10K Gold Grillz is the minimum choice within minimum cost. But it is longer and stronger than others.

If Should you wish to add diamonds to your 14k and 10K grillz, you may order a custom design grillz.

Product Specifications

  • Grillz Material: Solid 14K Gold
  • Grillz Material Color: White, Yellow, Rose
  • Size: Custom

Charges For Additional Services & Free

  • Diamonds Option: SI Diamond and VS Diamond (Need extra charge)
  • Chipped or missing teeth require extra work, so there is an additional charge.  If we receive your mold and determine a tooth is missing or chipped, we will contact you to discuss the additional cost.
  • Grillz with free mold kits.

Having Trouble Choosing a Karat? Here Are a Few Helpful Facts On Gold:

  • 10k gold has 41.6% gold and is the least expensive option. It has less luster but is the strongest against bending.
  • The 14k gold has 58.3% gold and is the best value for customers on a budget, as well as medium hardness, durability, and bright luster.
  • 18k gold has 75% gold and is the most expensive option that we offer; it has the highest durability and a very bright luster.

Why Choose Grillz Godz

Want to get the best and pure Gold Grillz? Check out our 14K solid Gold Grillz collections and order us. We will offer you pure gold at exect price. Besides it, we will offer you free mold kits and doorstap service. Metals with unfavorable susceptibility are not used by our company.

Check out our Instagram account @GrillzGodz to see more pictures

If you are an international customer, please contact GrillzGodz@Gmail.Com or call (813) 508-3136.


1.Can I clean my Grillz regularly?

Toothpaste can also be used to clean grillz, but not abrasive toothpaste. Gently give them a once-over inside and out, wash them with clean water, and then allow them to air dry on a piece of paper. To maintain your grillz clean, we advise that you perform this action every day after usage.

2.Do you think 14K Gold Grillz are the best?

Real gold is present in both 14K and 10K, however the purity varies. 24K gold is 100% pure gold, for comparison. In comparison to 10K, which has a lower actual gold content at 41.7%, 14K is 58.3% gold. Although 10K gold is less expensive than 14K gold, it needs more upkeep and is more prone to tarnish. Additionally, 10K gold is more resilient due to its higher hardness than 14K gold. For a consumer on a tight budget, 14K gold grillz is the ideal option. It is incredibly shiny, resilient, and fairly hard. The more expensive 18K gold is more durable, has a very dazzling shine, and is less likely to tarnish.

3.Can I smoke and drink at the time of using grillz?

Drinking and smoking both damage tooth grillz. The teeth grillz rapidly discolor. Smoking and drinking are two behaviors that can seriously harm the original teeth and gums, including the grillz. Pure gold almost never becomes black. Jewelry made of pure gold has an issue once more. Due to its softness, pure gold cannot be used to make jewelry. Even if it is made, it is not durable. To make pure gold strong and durable so that it may be used for jewelry, pure gold is alloyed with other metals. These mixed metals cause the grillz to turn black.

Refund / Return Policy

This is a custom order so all sales are final.  Grillz are made to fit the mold provided by the customer so please be sure to send a  recent mold of you teeth.

Our Disclaimer

1. Your custom molded and created dental jewelry is intended for use only by the customer whose dental impression was made and is not intended for use by any other person.

2. Although your dental jewelry has been custom fitted, it should be removed before eating, drinking, sleeping, and smoking.

3. This product is only for temporary use; wear and remove as if it were most any piece of casual jewelry.

4. This product is not intended to be a substitute for dental prosthetics, which might be recommended by your dentist as for dental care and maintenance. Your custom molded and created dental jewelry is intended for use only by customer whose dental impression was made and is not intended for use by any other person.

5. Properly clean your dental jewelry before and after each use.

6. Prolonged use is not recommended as it could lead to gum disease, plaque build-up, or other serious conditions in the mouth.

7. Should you experience gum irritation with the use of the product, discontinue use and seek the advice of a dental professional.

8. Because our caps are customized, they are absolutely no refunds, If for some reason your caps do not fit properly within 30 days of pickup, we will gladly adjust/repair them for free or will charge depending on how badly the damage it is. Make sure you keep your teeth molding!

9. If you not yet picked up your caps, please note that it will be discarded within (15) days.

10. I agree that the taking of impression of my tooth or teeth was done solely by my either directly or indirectly; Grillz Godz or Skin Me Mobile took no part in taking the impression of my teeth.

11. I have read the disclaimer above, and agree not to hold Any Grillz Godz or Skin Me Mobile employee liable for and that may result from use of the product; I also understand that there are no refunds.

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Elizabeth McPhee

I don’t have them yet. I just sent the molds in a few days ago.