From Classic to Modern: 13 Grillz Styles to Up Your Fashion Game

From Classic to Modern: 13 Grillz Styles to Up Your Fashion Game

Introduction : 

Already, we all know what "grillz" is. But many are skeptical about how to style with grills. Many people know grillz as the traditional solid grillz, but few people know that grillz can come in many other styles. Grillz basically come in two styles: traditional grillz and modern grillz. Traditional grills are very limited, but the collection of modern grills is huge.

Modern grills are truly based on one's preferences and personal style. As a result, the selection of modern grills is extensive and cannot be covered in a single blog. So, we'll discuss 13 grillz in this blog, which you may effortlessly wear to style any look.

1. Type of Grillz: 

As mentioned above, there are two types of grills. 1. Traditional Grillz and 2. Modern Grillz. Now we will give you an idea about the grillz so that you can easily understand how you can style with the grillz. 

  • Traditional Styles

The traditional grillz is basically the basic grillz. The style of these grills is solid, basic, and traditional, which everyone knows. You will get 3 types of this basic traditional grillz. It is discussed below. 

  • Solid Gold Grillz

First, let's talk about Solid Gold Grillz. You can make it with any gold, like 10k, 14k, or 18k. Its style is very basic. You can determine the number of teeth in this traditional gold grill. Such as the bottom and top Grillz numbers. Solid gold grills are very popular because of their gold; they tarnish less and can last longer with little maintenance.

Solid Gold Grillz - Grillz Godz

  • Silver Grillz

Now let's talk about the solid silver grillz. Solid silver grills usually used. 925 silver metals Which is usually very bright and strong. Due to which it does not break or crack easily. And silver grillz are comparatively more budget friendly than gold, which is why anyone can style with silver grillz without any budget worries. You can also add a number of teeth to the solid silver grill.

Solid Silver Grillz - Grillz Godz

  • Diamond Grillz

Diamond grills are the most attractive grills among the traditional grills. At Diamond Grillz, any materials are used. It can be gold or silver. Diamond grills are made by adding diamonds to any silver or gold grills. This grillz is for those who want a bold look and want to make their smile stand out in the crowd. 

Here you can add any type of diamond, like an I, SI, VS, or VVS diamond. Since diamond grills use high quality diamonds, their price of diamond grills is comparatively higher than gold grills and silver grills.

Dimond Grillz - Grillz Godz

2. Modern Styles

     So far, we know what the traditional grills are; now let's have a look at some modern grills that you can wear in any place and style in any way without any worries. 10 modern-style grills are discussed below to give you an idea of how to style them.

    • Diamond Cut Grillz

    One of the most popular designs among modern grills is the diamond-cut grill. Most people wear this style to make a bold statement. Diamond cut gives gold grillz an extra bit of shine and drama. Not only that, but if you want, you can add this diamond cut to the silver grills in the same style. These grillz are for people who enjoy a lot of texture, sparkle, and mouth coverage.

    Dimond Cut Grillz - Grillz Godz

    • Open face grillz with diamond cut 

    Another popular design is the open face grillz with a diamond cut. Open face grillz is also known as a window frame grillz. In this grill, the middle portion of the teeth is left unadorned, and the front, white part of the teeth is decorated with metal to resemble a window frame. And a diamond cut style is added to make the frame part more bold and shiny. It's a quick and simple method to include gold teeth in your style without putting too much effort into it. On the tooth, especially a longer tooth like the canine, it just looks really attractive.

    Open Face Grillz with Diamond - grillz Godz

    • Window Design Diamond Grillz With Fang 

    What if you could test all styles on one grillz ? You heard it right. Wearing this window design diamond grillz with a fang, you will get exactly that feeling. The front 4 teeth of this grill are open-faced, and a diamond is added to the frame. Not only that, but diamonds with extended fangs have been added all over the last two teeth to give them a more bold and shiny look. So it can be said that you get all kinds of style in this one grillz. So it is the best option for those who want to attend all types of events wearing a single grillz.

    Window Design Diamond Grillz With Fang - Grillz Godz

    • Gap Filler Diamond Grillz: 

    This gap filler grillz is for those who have gaps between two teeth. This gap filler grillz is made to fill the gap and give it a more stylish look. It is also known as "butterfly gap filler.". This gap filler is customized for each individual. Some prefer to keep it solid. Some people want to fill the gap by using colorful stones, some people add diamonds, like in the picture below, and use extra teeth to make their teeth more attractive than before. And usually, this style is a girls' style. Most of the girls prefer this style.

    Gap Filler Diamond Grillz For Teeth | Grillz Godz

    • Two - Tone Grillz 

    If you want two tones in one grillz then this grill is a perfect choice. Two-tone grills are usually made of two materials. Here, it is made of silver and gold. The inner part of this grillz is silver, and the outer part has gold materials. A sun-cut style is added to make this two-tone grillz more attractive. This grill has a slightly different look compared to other grills which will easily catch everyone's attention in the crowd.

    • Bottom Fang grillz

    If you are looking for something unique and simple, then this bottom fang will be a good choice for you. Designing only the edges of this grill and creating extended fangs on the edges of the last two teeth. This grille is perfect for a bold look. Most of the people choose this simple grillz for their various events.

    Bottom Fang grillz For Teeth | Grillz Godz

    • Two Top Fang Grillz 

    Another very simple and most demanding grillz is the Two Top Fang Grillz. This grillz consists of two individual tooth caps on either side of the top teeth, and the edges of these two teeth have extended fangs. Also known as the "Vampire Fang Grillz Set. Because this grillz set will give you a bit of a vampire look.

    Two Top Fang Grillz For Teeth | Grillz Godz

    •  Bar Cross Grillz With Open Face Pointed Fangs

    Bar cross grillz with open face pointed fangs is a type of custom grillz design that features a bar that crosses over the teeth and 2 pointed fangs that extend from two sides of the bar cross. It's a popular design for those looking for a unique and edgy look with their grillz.

    Bar Cross Grillz With Open Face Pointed Fangs For Teeth | Grillz Godz

    • Teardrop Grillz 

    Teardrop grillz are a popular style of custom grillz characterized by a teardrop-shaped. The lower grill is not only teardrop designed. This grill has heart shaped windows on one side and a diamond added on the other side. Which will give you a unique look. When you go to any event, it is sure to catch everyone's attention with its unique design. 

    These grillz can be made in various materials such as gold, silver, and platinum, and can be customized to fit the individual's teeth perfectly. They are often seen as a symbol of luxury and are a popular choice among celebrities and musicians.

    Modern Style Teardrop Grillz For Teeth | Grillz Godz

    • Personal Touch Grillz 

    And the last thing we will talk about is the Personal Touch Grillz. You can add your personal touch by customizing any design grill. As we can see from the design below, this person has added his horoscope sign along with his customized teeth. Also here, you can add more things like your date of birth, your name, or your special day.

    Personal Touch Grillz For Teeth | Grillz Godz

    How to Choose the Right Style for You

    When choosing grillz, there are a few factors you should consider to ensure you find the right style for you. Firstly, think about your personal style and whether you prefer simple or more statement-making pieces. Next, consider your lifestyle and whether you need grillz that are durable enough for physical activity or if you're looking for something more suited to a special occasion.


    Your budget is also an important consideration, as grillz can vary in price from relatively inexpensive to very high-end. Finally, it's crucial to take your dental health into account when choosing grillz, and seek advice from a professional if you have any concerns. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect grillz to suit your needs and style.


    In conclusion, grillz have come a long way from their roots as a symbol of hip-hop culture. Today, they are a popular fashion accessory that can be worn by anyone looking to add some bling to their style. Whether you prefer classic gold and silver styles or more modern diamond-encrusted designs, there is a grillz style out there that will suit your preferences. With the wide variety of styles available, you can choose one that matches your personal style and fashion sensibilities. So go ahead and up your fashion game with a pair of grillz that speak to your unique taste and personality.


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